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Sarah Barker Illustrations  

 set up in october 2014 Sarah Barker Illustrations  offers you  bespoke art on products  , such as  gifts , baby ranges , clothing and  more  .
Self taught in Adobe illustrator , a lover of Art  ,and crafts  , i have an artistic background  in fashion hairdressing and cosmetic makeup taught  at  Doncaster  College , Visual merchandising  for  stores around doncaster  . 
the love of art  and  needing to work from home to be local for my Family 
brought me to  buying a  huion tablet  drawing  on it and creating  art for clothing and gift products , i hope you find my  art  fun vibrant and interesting  and the products the  highest of  quality .
I am avalible for Commision work  Email me  with a proposal at : Sazyb123@gmail.com 
Sarah .